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Finding RV Repair Shops

Class C and Class A motorhomes being fixed in RV repair shop

My RV Resource lists RV Repair Shops on our map-based directory

You have your RV, fifth wheel, or trailer and you have taken it on many trips all over the country. Just like with any item we use over and over, such as our home or vehicle, RVs will need repairs and maintenance. Over time, there will likely be issues and repairs that you will have to get fixed so that your RV will run safely and operate smoothly.

As you travel more and more in your camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome, you will likely run into an issue sometime down the road. Figuring out what major issues you can prevent, as well as what to do if you need something fixed fast will help you continue to enjoy your RV adventures.

How much do RV Repair Shops Cost?

RV Repair Shops can fix a variety of issues that you may run into with your new or used RV. The costs that are involved with an RV repair shop completely depend on what needs to be fixed.

We typically recommend calling a mobile RV tech for most issues before adding the inconvenience of unhooking utilities and taking the RV to a shop or RV dealership for repairs. However, repairing RV slideout rooms, welding RV frame issues or working on RV leveling systems may be out of the scope that some RV mobile companies can handle.

The cost of repairs will also depend on the size of your rig as well as the age of your rig. If you have an older rig that needs repairs, it may be harder to find the parts you need, which in turn will make the process more expensive.

Also, there are different RV repair shops that have different specialties to get you the best quality of service. Talking to a certified RV technician from a local shop beforehand will give you a better idea of the costs involved.

How to find an RV Repair Shop Near Me?

Finding an RV Repair shop that will fix any issues that you may run into while owning an RV is easy with our newest resource. With My RV Resource, you can type in any location and find all the RV Repair shops that are nearby. Or you can enter any location that you may be traveling to in the future.

Having an issue with your recreational vehicle, 5er, or motorhome can sometimes turn into a disaster when trying to find help fast. By using our resource, you can get the help you need fast and get any issue fixed efficiently which allows you to be confident to take your RV on many trips in the future.

What Kind of Repairs can RV Repair Shops Do?

RV Repair Shops can do a variety of repairs on your fifth wheel, bumper-pull trailer, or motorhome. Many RV Repair Shops are suited to perform routine maintenance as well as fix larger issues such as new appliance installation and more.

There is a multitude of repairs that you can get down at an RV Repair Shop and these include, but are not limited to…

  • RV Appliances
  • RV Air Conditioners
  • Winterizing and Dewinterizing
  • RV Slide Out Rooms
  • RV Leveling Systems
  • RV Hitch and RV Towing Mechanisms
  • RV Wastewater Systems – black and grey tanks
  • RV Freshwater tanks and RV water pumps

 No matter what you may need to be fixed on your motorized RV, camper van, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, you can find a dependable and reliable RV mechanic shop that is nearby in no time.

Any RV owner will eventually run into issues, figuring out when it’s important to reach out for help instead of doing it yourself will keep any issues from turning into full-blown disasters.

My RV Resource lists RV repair shops that are located all over the country giving you the confidence needed to travel all over the United States and find repair shops whenever you need them in a snap.

Lisa Carletti

Lisa Carletti

Lisa and Jason are NRVIA certified Level 2 inspectors and RVDA/RVIA registered technicians who run My RV Inspection based in Tampa, FL. They also built My RV Resource which is a map based directory as a resource to help consumers find RV related services like RV inspections, RV repair shops and mobile technicians, RV towing and transport companies as well as RV storage lots.
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